NBA: Coach Popovich – “Tim Duncan Is The Coach Of Whatever He Feels Like”

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Tim Duncan

Future Hall of Famer Tim Duncan retired from the NBA after 19 years with the San Antonio Spurs. That doesn’t mean he’s done with the Spurs organization.

The former Spurs forward made an appearance at the team’s training camp workout on Wednesday. This was two days after Coach Gregg Popovich joked that he would be fined $2,500 for each day he was absent.

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Popovich says Duncan still a part of Spurs

On Monday, at the Spurs media day event, Coach Pop said Duncan could return to the organization anytime. “I told him most people under contract are required to show up for their jobs, and he said he didn’t have a contract, but I told him that I thought we had a verbal contract and I thought that was just as good as written,” Popovich said.

When asked what role Duncan would play, Coach Pop said he doesn’t have an exact title yet. He however said he would be the “coach of whatever he feels like”.

Duncan spent his entire 19-season career with the Spurs, leading them to five NBA championships. He is widely regarded as the greatest power forward of all time.


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