Micheal Owen Reveals Why He Chose To Sign For Manchester United 

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Former striker Michael Owen has revealed that he tried to make a move back to Liverpool while at Real Madrid and eventually joined Manchester United because the Reds didn’t want him.

Speaking in a new book of players’ stories titled Ring of Fire, he said: ‘At every stage – every summer – I was on the phone to Carra (Jamie Carragher) telling him to find a way to get me back.

‘”Does Rafa want me?” I’d say. “Does Kenny want me? Does Brendan want me?” It was circumstance that stopped it happening.

“At every stage, every summer, I was on the phone to Carra telling him to find a way to get me back.” Owen said in an interview for Simon Hughes’ latest book Ring of Fire  – Liverpool into the 21st century: The Players’ Stories.

“Whenever I was available, Liverpool had too many strikers. And when Liverpool wanted me, I was injured. By the end, I wasn’t the player I had been before and they simply didn’t fancy me. I wasn’t good enough.

“I spoke to Carra and tried to get Benitez to do something. I wanted to try to put it right somehow. When it became clear Benitez didn’t want to do a deal, I spoke again with Alex Ferguson. He was very positive about me. I was twenty-nine years old. Should I have decided to retire there and then?” he said.



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