Why Do Men Allow Their Penis Think For Them?

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A lot of women pass off comments that come off as insults to men that basically enjoy being around women by saying “your penis thinks for you.” This is because quite a number of men make a lot of dumb decisions when they are horny and some of them can be as bad a decision to take as when drunk.

The question however is why do men allow their penis to think for them? A Canadian study found out that men under certain conditions allow their horniness take control of their thinking faculties. The research which was conducted on a 100 people who were allowed to either watch porn or non-sexual video clips was quite revealing. The test subjects were also questioned and surveyed on how they would act and react in certain sexual scenarios and it was revealed that Horny people said they’d be more likely to take risky decisions in bed, such as not wearing a condom.

Link Between The Brain And Penis

The Canadian scientists were no satisfied with the first results and decided to test how horniness affects the choices men make outside of the bedroom. The second experiment had another set of 100 people watch the same video clips but this time around, they made sure that they played a game of blackjack cards while doing so. but then played a game of blackjack. The researchers did this because they say there is a link between being horny and making an effort not to bust.

It was discovered that 13 percent of the 100 participants in the study were more likely to make risky decision in the blackjack card game such as taking risky cards like 17, instead of staying put. This was totally different in people that were not aroused and the lead researcher, Shayna Sparling concluded that while horniness doesn’t necessarily impact a man’s ability to make a decision, it however affects the motivation behind a man’s choice.

Horniness And Self-control

There’s a high chance of making risky decision such as not wearing a condom when you’re horny because of the fun in the moment which may lead to severe consequences later on. More so, some researches in the past have also shown that men tend to have less self control when they are aroused.

The best way to solve tumors problem is to set limits when you’re in a right frame of mind. This will help you to establish rules that can help you know the things to expect from yourself when you find yourself in a horny situation.

It could be that your rule regarding sex is to always use condoms except you’re making out with a trusted partner who you’re aware of their health status but you find yourself falling when you’re horny. You can attempt to solve this problem by writing out this rule. You can also repeat it to yourself and you’d most likely develop the willpower to strengthen the practice.

Remember Your Rules

It is important you remember rules you set aside before you got into the horny state. Getting to remember one rule is way easier and requires less mental work than actually thinking through a risky decision in the moment. This will make it easier for you to fall back on the rules you set than straining your head to think about all the bad things associated with your risky decision.

And if you have a boner that just won’t quit, flee from any place that may have you acting without thinking of the consequences.



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