Meet The Nigerian Actor Who Plays Alex Hunter In FIFA 17

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Fifa 17

EA Sports released this year’s football game in the FIFA series in FIFA 17 on Tuesday, September 27 and this year’s game has a new interesting mode.

This year, powered by the new Frostbite game engine, EA were able to add a new mode to FIFA 17 called The Journey. Early reviews have already called this new mode a success and it’s a been a big reason for purchasing the game for new  FIFA players.

The Journey is a story mode where you take on the role of a 17-year-old Alex Hunter and guide him along the way to footballing greatness. You handle all aspects of his career from actually playing in matches to conducting post-match interviews and deciding which teams to join.

Now Alex Hunter is an avatar basically, and he’s played by a very real actor. The character is modeled after and played by Lagos-born Adetomiwa Edun .

Fifa 17


Twenty years ago, I was reading the Fighting Fantasy adventure book you know, where you roll a dice, and make your own way through the story. That’s what we’ve brought to FIFA this year, and I think this is a really interesting new space that we’ve arrived in.” Edun explains, talking about the new mode.

A lot of people are going to be seeing Tomiwa for the first time through his involvement with the game. “I went on YouTube the other day and you know you get the trending videos? There I was. There was my sweaty face. Hello. It’s surreal. One of my buddies sent me a screenshot the other day, from the game, that had me done up as a Chelsea player, knowing that I’m a United fan. That is a strange thing to see.” He said

Adetomiwa Edun was born in Lagos to a Nigerian father and a half-Ghanaian, half-English mother.He moved to the United Kingdom at the age of 11 and attended Christ’s College, Cambridge (University of Cambridge ). In his final year at Christ’s College, he won the dissertation prize for his thesis on Homer’s Odyssey . His father encouraged him to become a banker, so he interned with Citigroup. He considered studying for a Master of Philosophy degree, but finally decided to attend the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) instead.

You can watch the making of The Journey here:

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