Mark Zuckerberg Gives Biafran Advocate A Huge Task To Fulfill

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A Biafran advocate identified as Ejike Ofoegbu reached out to Mark Zuckerberg for help in publicizing the groups’ movement on Facebook and Zuckerberg gave him a task to complete in two days, beginning Tuesday.  

In the chat, Ejike requested for Mark Zuckerberg to make it possible so that everyone using Facebook will know about “Biafra” by boosting the name.

The 32-year-old billionaire admitted it was a hard request which could be accomplished only if he ie Ejike could achieve the task Zuckerberg set out for him.

Mark Zuckerberg requested that Ejike should get two-hundred-thousand shares and one-million likes on the Biafran Facebook page which he wanted publicity on.

If the Biafran advocate could achieve the task in two days, then his request from Zuckerberg could stand a chance.

Now, Ejike has less than forty-eight hours to get 200,000 shares and 1 million likes before Mark Zuckerberg can lend a hand to assist in the Biafran movement.

Read Mark Zuckerberg and Ejike Ofoegbu’s conversation below. Snipped by @instablog9ja

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