This Is What Life Is Like In A $21,000 First Class Airplane Seat

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First Class

Recently, YouTuber Casey Neistat recently got a free upgrade from Business Class to First Class on an Emirates flight from Dubai to New York City.

Obviously, He had to document his absolutely amazing experience on what will probably be the most luxurious flight of his life. The ticket for this flight will cost you $21,635.30 just incase you would want to try it for yourself.

According to his video documentary, The seat comes with a private sliding door that secludes your seat from every one else, a gigantic touch-screen TV, a personal bar worthy of a five-star hotel, fancy face creams, a set of pajamas, round the clock caviar, hot showers if you please, an extensive food menu and a lot more goodies.

All that luxury can tire a person out and when Casey was ready to lie down, a cabin crew member came to help turn his chair into a bed, complete with bedsheets, a pillow and a duvet which Casey claims is “more comfortable than my bed at home”


First class

“When I think of the greatest days in my entire life, I think of when my children were born, or perhaps when my son graduated high school, or today, when I was upgraded from Business to First on Emirates” Casey said

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