LAPD Find No Guns In Chris Brown’s Home

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After searching singer Chris Brown’s mansion, The Los Angeles Police Department are reported to have found no guns within the premises.

Chris Brown was arrested on Tuesday by police on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon after Baylee Curran, a guest at his mansion accused the singer of pointing a gun at her face and threatening her after she went to examine a piece of jewelry.

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“It has become apparent that the allegations are false and fabricated,” Mark Geragos, the attorney for Brown said. He also added that during their search of the house, the police found neither the piece of jewelry or any firearms. Chris Brown has since been released from police custody on a $250,000 bail and is set to be arraigned on September 20.

It’s worth noting that Baylee Curran, the accuser, is wanted for questioning by the NYPD following an October 2013 theft at the Plaza Hotel.


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