What We Know So Far About The Tecno Phantom 6

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The entire mobile industry is excited about the upcoming launch of Tecno’s latest flagship phone, the Phantom 6.

Tecno has been tight-lipped about the phone’s specifications and other juicy details, but are here some things we know so far about the Tecno Phantom 6.

1. It’s coming in two versions: Many phone companies such as Apple and Samsung release their flagship phones in two versions, a regular and a big-size model. The Phantom 6 is not different, and a Phantom 6 Plus will also be released alongside the phone. The size of the Phantom 6 is reportedly around 5.5″, with the 6 Plus said to be 5.95″.

2. New levels of security: With the rise of cyber crime and internet hacks, it’s important, now more than ever, that devices be well protected. According to reports, the Phantom 6 comes with an iris scanner, while the Phantom 6 Plus comes with a finger print scanner.

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Tecno Phantom 6 specs and rumors

3. State-of-the-art cameras: Even though Tecno has a dedicated line in the Camon series, it hasn’t stopped them from going all out on the Phantom 6. The Phantom 6 reportedly sports an amazing 21-megapixel dual rear camera. Holy. Smokes.

4. USB type-C ports: The Phantom 6 will be the first Tecno devices to not use the USB micro B. Instead they use the smaller, faster and more powerful USB type-C.

5. Price: With the ever-worsening exchange rate, the price for the Phantom 6 is expected to start somewhere around N110,000. The Phantom 6 Plus is also priced around N140,000.



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  1. Its heart sweetening to see a firm pushing hard to give to the premium users what they want to get from the competitors but they are not getting it because of high prices. TECNO is really helping by producing High End affordable phones in terms of the Phantom series. The Phantom 6 should be the best of them all.

  2. I am very excited about this new device coming in.. TECNo has been saving lives since 2006. Reminds me of my first Tecno Dual Sim phone.

  3. Phantom 6 tecno android is presently best of the brand’s product but the price is outrageous, considering the present recession meltdown the country is going through. I would really appreciate if the price can be made more affordable for tecno users like myself, and no spending so much as i did when undergoing
    t mobile insurance claim

  4. Looks really cool. The Phantom 6 Plus really surprised everyone, I didn’t expect 4GB RAM. I also low the design, the camera also looks like what they did with the Phantom 5. Overall, this is a good shot for those who can’t afford iPhone 7 in this recession.

  5. I decided to walk into a mobile phone store to have a feel of the phantom series and I was amazed with what I saw. The camera and the slim design of the phantom 6 endeared me while the 6+ wowed me with it’s RAM and battery life not forgetting the processor. I concluded that these phones are indeed wonderful.

  6. My verdict. Both phones since they were released have enjoyed superb reviews from users and techies. That goes to show how amazing they are. Kudos to Tecno for this wonderful flagships.

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