Judge Who Told Rape Survivor “Keep Your Knees Together” Faces Sack

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A Canadian Judge named Robin Camp is facing possible removal from the bench for comments he made during a rape case back in 2014.

The Canadian Judicial Council will decide Camp’s fate. According to the allegations on the Council’s website, the statements from Robin Camp in the rape case are not only misguided but also alarming.

The complainant was a young woman who described how she was raped at a house party when she was just 19. Judge Camp was in charge of the case and he asked her questions like “Why didn’t you just sink your bottom down into the basin so he couldn’t penetrate you? Why couldn’t you keep your knees together?”

He also added: “If she skews her pelvis slightly she can avoid him.” “Sex and pain sometimes go together.” “I don’t believe there’s any talk of an attack really.. There is no real talk of force.” “Young women want to have sex, especially if they’re drunk.” “She knew she was drunk, is that not an onu on her to be more careful.”

At the time, Camp decided to rule against the young woman and the accused, one Alexander Wagar was acquitted. However, the Alberta court of appeal overturned that ruling and Wagar will be retried in November this year.

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