Menswear: Josh Amor SS’17 YIN YANG Collection (LOOKBOOK)

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Nigerian menswear designer, Josh Amor, presents its latest SS’ 17 collection.

As inspired by the Chinese philosophy, Yin Yang “dark and bright” illustrates how opposite forces are in actual sense complementary, inter-connected and interdependent in nature.

Many tangible dualities such as light and dark, fire and water, expansion and contraction are perceived as physical manifestations of the duality symbolized by the YinYang philosophy.

On this note, it is safe to say nearly everything has a Yin Yang perspective. For instance, shadows cannot exist without a reflection of light.

This has been interpreted as a monochromatic collection that shows the distinctiveness and interdependency of black and white as an invisible whole instead of two distinct features.

The designer of this collection, Ayobamidele Majekodunmi; in his own words describes the YinYang collection as:

*”a disambiguation that revolves around the black and white colours to show how distant but yet related, reflecting on the brands aesthetics. It is a dualistic monism and can be seen as a complementary rather than opposing hues that interacts to form dynamic pieces in which the whole is greater than the assembled parts”*.

More importantly is the message of peace and unity  this collection preaches. The fact that black and white race would be better off coming together as one people.

How beautiful the world will be especially without racial segregation, discrimination, fights and crisis.

Check out the Josh Amor SS17 full lookbook below

Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-1-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-2-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-3-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-3b-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-4-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-5-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-6-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-7-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-8-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-9-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-9a-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-9b-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-10-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-10a-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-11-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-campaign look-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-campaign-360NOBS Josh Amor Lookbook-Ying Yang-Campng-360NOBS

Creative Credits

Brand: Josh Amor l @thejoshamorbrand

Styling: TheJoshAmorStyleTeam l @joshamor_

Photography: Jerrie Rotimi l @jerrie_rotimi

Models: Tunji Hamzat l @oga_tunji; Kimmie Adams l @dopekingdavidadams

Makeup: Morolake Olomu l @mss.yasmin

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