Joe Manganiello Confirmed As Deathstroke

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Joe Manganiello

DC have confirmed the appointment of Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke for the DC Extended Universe.

He will make his first appearance in Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie.

After the success of Ben Affleck as Batman in Batman v Superman : Dawn Of Justice, Ben Affleck had announced he was directing his first solo movie playing The Dark Knight.

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DC casts Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke

It has now been announced that Joe Manganiello will play the role of Deathstroke in the movie. Affleck shared a video online of Manganiello in his Deathstroke costume. He however didn’t reveal the actor under the mask or what role the character would play in the upcoming movie.

DC president and chief creative officer Geoff Johns confirmed the casting in his first interview discussing his new role overseeing Warner Bros’ movies based on DC Comics characters. He did decline to answer if Deathstroke was going to feature in the upcoming Justice League movie.

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