Jerry Heller’s Defamation Suit Against ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Will Proceed

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Gerald E. “Jerry” Heller, former manager of Compton rap supergroup, N.W.A passed away on September 3.

His defamation suit against the alleged inaccuracies in the movie Straight Outta Compton is however still breathing life.

His llawyer, Mickey Shapiro is adamant about Jerry’s estate continuing with the $110 million case to clear his name. He also even claimed recently that the lawsuit is what killed him.

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Heller’s N.W.A suit continues after his death

“We can still prove the defamation and we’re going to do that” Mickey said. “Other parts of the case aren’t affected by his death at all. His lawsuit against Tomica for violating a confidentiality agreement, that’s a fact. His lawsuit against everyone at the studio for taking material from his book which he wrote years before and putting it in this movie and changing it for dramatic impact. He was the good guy, they made him out to be a horrible exploiter”

Heller passed away at the age of 75 and is credited for bringing the group N.W.A to light and was also the co-founder of Ruthless Records with the late Eazy-E.

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