Hull City Caretaker Manager Mike Phelan Reveals Why He Hasn’t Signed A Permanent Deal 

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Hull caretaker manager Mike Phelan says he has not signed a deal to become permanent boss because the club keep changing the terms of the deal.

“I am always confident that my future will be resolved. There’s a lot of speculation out there,” he said at his pre-match press conference.

“My own press officer comes to me with the off detailed report of what I’m supposed to be thinking or doing. My side of things is that we are still talking and we will continue to talk until it is resolved.

“What needs to be resolved is the terms of the deal. It keeps changing. One minute I think I’ve got something and the club are happy with and then the next minute it changes, so it’s a case of thinking about all these new changes on the table and coming to a decision.”​



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