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My family means the world to me. I am blessed with a loving husband Igbo and two wonderful chidren – Omega (5)and Ezinne (3). I had a hard time conceiving and so it was with a deep gratitude to God that we welcomed these children into our lives. The first few months after Ezinne’s birth were glorious. The kids brought so much love and laughter. Our families and friends drew closer to us, life could not be any better. But then I started feeling pain in my right breast. At first, I thought it was due to breastfeeding. But when it persisted we found out it was stage III cancer. This was a shock. Life had changed.

We pursued this diagnosis aggressively. We spent our savings coming to the US for treatment. I underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. But as tough as the treatment was, my biggest difficulty was seeing how this affected my kids. They couldn’t understand why mummy was constantly weak; or why mummy was vomiting or why mummy had lost her hair. What kept me strong was knowing that I would beat this for my kids. And so I did, at least I thought I did.

I returned to Nigeria cancer free in November 2015. I went back to work and started working out. I took my kids to school once again. Life was becoming “normal”. Unfortunately, this would not last. Five months after returning from my treatment in the US, I started having back and hip pains. A CT scan revealed evidence of metastasis to the spine and right hip. I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.

I returned to my doctor in Houston and have since been restarted on chemotherapy. However my treatment has now been transferred to University of Minnesota Hospital for more advanced care.

Our family savings was greatly depleted during my initial breast cancer treatment. With the options of chemotherapy available now for Metastatic Breast Cancer, my family is faced with mounting bills and even more to come. We have estimated about $250,000 to cover chemotherapy and other procedures that would be required to help me and my family beat this disease.


I am determined to beat this disease. My children will see me walk again without limping. They will grow up with the love and guidance of their mother. We believe God has a plan for my family. This fight against cancer will be won.

Whatever hand you can lend to this fight will be greatly appreciated. No contribution is too small. We pledge to pay it forward when this fight is won.

Thank you for reading my story. Thanks for your contribution. Please keep praying for us. God bless you.

We are appealing to us all to do what we can to help keep her alive for her sake and for the sake of her family. Our proposal is as follows.

To create a standing fund that we can maintain on a monthly basis until she beats the cancer. Whatever we can do monthly (like a welfare fund) if summed up can significantly impact on her ability to pay her medical bills. For example if up to 100 people come together and give N5,000 per month we can generate over $1000 monthly to help Tessy.

Kindly commit what you can to this most worthy cause and HELP TESSY BEAT THE CANCER!

Her account details are below.

Bank Account Name: Theresa Amadi-Obi
Bank Name: Zenith Bank
Bank Account Number: 2020255462



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