Haye Gets Shot At WBA

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According to WBA president Gilberto Mendoza, David Haye could get a shot at the WBA heavyweight title.

The one time two division world champion road to No 5 on the WBA rankings, and is in contention for a shot at the organization’s regular title.

Mendoza confirmed Haye, who held the WBA heavyweight title between November 2009 and July 2011, is firmly in the mix.

He exclusively told Sky Sports: “Browne’s title shot came out of a legal settlement we had to do after we got sued by Browne’s people for stripping him.

“I think the WBA grounds were very strong. He took us to court and we settled for giving him a title opportunity.

“If by that time, David is a leading available contender, that fight could happen, but then we have on the other hand Fres Oquendo, who has a court order saying that he must have a chance to fight for the championship.

“We would love to have David Haye back as our champion, that’s what I can tell you, but boxing is complicated, it’s not easy.”

“In a theoretical way, David Haye would receive a title opportunity,” said Mendoza. “I don’t know if in 2016, but perhaps at the beginning of next year.

“He is high in the ranking, but obviously he will have to be active and fight other boxers.”



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