A Guide To Making The Best Barbecue Chicken You’ve Ever Had

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Barbecue chicken is one food item we all love but few of us know how to make. It would be a lot more fun if you know how to make your own barbecue chicken without allowing it get burnt or uncooked. Check out our step-by-step guide in preparing the best barbecue you’ve had in a long time.

The first thing to have at the back of your mind is that barbecue chicken can go wrong in a number of ways such as burnt skin, dry chicken and over sweetened sauce. There are however tips and technicalities that can help make your barbecue come out the best way.

The Set Up Process

You need to have the right instruments to make your barbecue chicken. A grill is the first basic thing and should be well set up. Make sure you start up the grill and put your chicken over the indirect heat.

This will give the chicken ample time to cook through before the surface burns or dries out. When you’re done cooking, you can transfer the chicken or meat to the hot side of the grill. This will turn the sauce into a glaze which will provide deep flavour and a smoky char.

Arrange The Chickens In A Row

Prepare your chicken for the grill in a way that the bone and skin are still on and they are cut into moderate pieces. If you however want to make a whole chicken barbecue, it’s best you cut them into pieces which will include the wings, drumsticks, thighs, and each breast cut in half before you put them on the grill.

Cutting the chicken into bits allows you the freedom to move and turn the pieces around as they cook in response to the fire from the grill.

Adding Sauce To The Chicken

It’s best to get the ingredients for the sauce from good stores or buy already prepared sauces. If your sauce is the primary flavour of the food you intend to make, there’s a need to prepare a good tasting sauce. More so, you don’t have to limit yourself to barbecue sauce. You can instead follow a good chicken-grilling technique which allows you to dress your chicken with any type of sauce ranging from sweet-and-sour, honey-mustard, apricot jam and whatever else your mind can think of.

After preparing your sauce, separate a cup of it for serving and keep the rest. You don’t have to dip or marinate the chicken in the sauce before hand. You can in fact wait till the chicken is almost cooked before brushing it with sauce. This is because the sugars in the sauce will most likely can burn on the grill before the chicken is finished cooking. You can, as an alternative, pat the chicken dry.

Sauce Early, Not Often

When you’re ready to commence grilling, be sure to have everything you need handy to avoid moving back and forth.

The things you will need include the chicken and the sauce for basting. You’d also need tongs to move and turn the chicken pieces around and a basting brush.

Set apart any chicken that isn’t sauced and patted dry aside over indirect heat and wait. Allow them stay that way for 10 minutes before flipping them and wait.

When you’re sure the pieces have become hot enough, use your brush to slather the chicken pieces with sauce and move them over to the hot side.

Continue to slick each piece with more barbecue sauce every 30 to 60 seconds. This is done until the chicken is thoroughly glazed and the sauce has darkened slightly. This will usually take between 3 to 5 minutes. When the chicken is well finished, it should have a brick-red colour with a few char marks.

When you’re ready to serve your barbecue chicken, you can make use of the sauce you set apart. Warm it up if you previously refrigerated it. Go ahead and enjoy your juicy, flavorful chicken!



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