Game’s Manager Blasts Meek Mill For Allowing His Crew Beat Up Beanie Sigel

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The Game’s Manager, Wack 100 has expressed his disgust at what happened with Beanie Sigel and Meek Mill’s Dreamchaser crew.

Beanie Sigel was ambushed backstage when he attended the Bad Boy Reunion Tour in his hometown of Philadelphia and knocked out by Teefy Bey, an affiliate of Meek’s Dreamchasers. Seemingly because of the MMG rapper’s beef with The Game.

After Sigel appeared on Meek Mill’s ‘OOOUUU’ diss track for The Game, he went on air at a Baltimore radio station and claimed that he helped Meek write his lyrics. The Game said this was the reason the Dreamchasers came after Sigel.

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Meek Mill slammed over Beanie Sigel beat up

In an interview after the incident, Teefy Bey said “You can’t put me on front street when I’m a real nigga, bro. You ain’t gonna try to play me or play my family out or play my niggas out for a nut ass nigga named Game. That’s just the bottomline. You broke the code of ethics of the streets, Beans, with that move, bro. And a whole lotta other shit that I can’t talk about…that shit ain’t cool neither”

The Compton rapper’s manager expressed his distaste via Instagram as he went on to blast Meek Mill saying Beanie Sigel deserved an apology for the disrespect as he was the one who carried the flag of Philadelphia long before Meek Mill came up.  He also said Beanie didn’t tell The Game’s camp any confidential information about Meek Mill.

In a video Wack 100 posted on Instagram on Tuesday night, he said, “Y’all niggas went back there and put your hands on Beans. On Piru and everything Piru stand for, Beans ain’t told me shit about nothing. If you pay attention to where this problem come from, it all go back to your man Meek. That nigga Beans been carrying Philly on his back for 20 plus years. Y’all violate that man in front of his wife and his kids…that nigga ain’t told us nothing. Whoever the fuck did that need to be dealt with. Y’all also need to deal with that nigga Meek and tell him get back in the booth. Fix that.

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