Frankinstyle’s Skincare Tips: How To Take Care Of Hyper-Pigmentation & Dry Skin

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Beauty and fashion vlogger Frankinstyle has shared her skin care routine in her latest video.

Great for tackling hyper-pigmentation and dry skin, she also shares all the materials you’d need and how to use them. Check them out below, and watch the video too!

Night-time Routine
Neutrogena Wipes
Cleanser- STOP Demodex ( Buy here
Oil Cleanser (Coconut Oil + Tea Tree oil )
Toner- (DIY, 2 Caps of Apple cider Vinegar + equal part water + witch hazel)
Night Cream – EVELINE COSMETICS (Buy here… )
Castor Oil- For brows and lash growth

Daytime Routine
Cleanser- As above
Moisturizer & Sunscreen- Shea Butter/Superdrug vitamin E Cream
with SPF 15 (Watson’s)

Weekly Routine
MASKS ( ALL BEAUTY’S FORMULA From Watson’s – Mud masks, Apricot peel-off etc)
EXFOLIATORS- Superdrug Oatmeal scrub, Cucumber&Avocado Scrub
Lip scrub- (DIY Sugar + Honey)



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