Four Loko: ‘Lose Virginity’ Drink Sparks Debate In China

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Four Loko: ‘Lose Virginity’ Drink Sparks Debate In China

Four Loko, an infamous, fruit-flavoured alcoholic beverage, better known as “blackout in a can” in the United States, has started to trade well in China.

According to BBC, Four Loko, a well-known party drink in the US, which was removed from stores in several states until its ingredients were fine-tuned, became highly demanded in China in recent months, with people nicknaming it the “lose virginity” drink because of its strong alcoholic content.

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Quite a number of social media users have posted videos and tweets of themselves drinking the 695ml cans of drink – with varying degrees of success.

See tweets below:

However, the drink made headlines recently after three women in their twenties smuggled it into a karaoke bar, passed out after drinking it and had their belongings stolen.

“A can of Four Loko has the same alcohol content as 4.7 cups of vodka, or 4.7 bottles of beer, or 4.7 glasses of red wine,” an article in state news agency Xinhua said.

“The fruity flavours hide the taste of the alcohol, so it’s easy to drink, and someone can finish a whole can in a short amount of time.

“Whether you’re male or female, if someone at a party tries to force you to drink Four Loko, you should be alert and stay away from them,” the article added.

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