Five Signs She Is Faking Orgasms

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If you are the kind of guy that puts a lot of stock into pleasing your woman until she achieves orgasm, you might be curious about whether or not she is faking. It is known fact that women often fake orgasms for many reasons. It could be due to her not wanting to disappoint you or she might simply be too shy to let you know how to get her there. Knowing the signs that she is faking it will help you determine if you need to change your approach or have a conversation with her.

Overly dramatic

Frankly, the idea that a woman’s orgasm has to be some dramatic experience has caused many guys overlook a faker. The thing is, the female orgasm has been so overblown in porn that most men have assumed this is how it should be and most women who fake will take tips from the porn actress. Porn is meant to be dramatic for the entertainment value, it does not totally reflect true life. So, a good sign she is faking would be if you see her overdoing things. Is she thrashing around and screaming like a maniac or does she suddenly becomes a porn star and start yelling obscenities? These are signs that she is simply put in on a show for you.

Her body language

A woman in the throes of an orgasm has some tell-tale signs. You can notice such things as her body clenching, her toes curling, back arched, deeper breaths or her grabbing the sheets. You will feel her body contract then explode. Watch out for these.

No build up

Orgasms do not just appear out of nowhere and disappear as suddenly. There is usually a noticeable build-up and a wind-down. If she simply just begins panting out of nowhere and stops suddenly after the “orgasm” , then she is likely faking. For a heavy breather during orgasms, the breathing increases gradually, reached a peak and winds down gradually too.

You always ask her

It is a bad idea to keep asking your woman if she came. Here is the fact, most women would not cum during every single sex session but she knows what you want her answer to be whenever you ask her so she will tell you she came. To build on this lie, she would fake it so you would think she came. So, if your M.O is to always ask her if she climaxed, she is most likely faking in bed.

She is not wet afterwards

Not all women are squirters but guys will feel a certain amount of wetness or an increase in the level after she orgasms. Her climax showed that she had reached the peak of arousal so her body will react by keeping her aroused. Watch out for this.

Lola Phillips

Lola Phillips

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