Fire Up Your Sex Life With These Tips

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It is quite common that after a couple has been together for a while, their sex life begins to wane. Often times, the fact that they get overwhelmed with other responsibilities that come with their relationship, or they might simply be less interested in putting an effort into their partnership might cause them to drift apart sexually.

If you are looking to find that spark in your relationship, these six tips should help.

1. Sex on the mind

In the beginning, it is easy to have a hotter sex life since both partners think a lot about having sex. After some time, the thought of sex becomes less frequent. To deal with it, bring sex back into the conversation in a non-threatening way. Send sexy messages to one another during the course of the day and talk about how sexually attractive you find each other. This can put you both in the mood for sex.

2. Be spontaneous

When last did you have spontaneous, unplanned sex? You can bring that extra excitement into the bedroom by turning to your partner for some quickie morning sex or simply approaching them at other times they would not expect it. Feeling desired that way can be a turn on.

3. The power of touch

Just because you are not getting it on regularly does not mean you cannot have physical intimacy with your partner. Giving hugs, kisses, holding hands or simply rubbing your hands of parts of their body can actually increase the likelihood of sex. It reminds them that they are still wanted, desired and loved. These are the gateway feelings to being aroused and sexually excited.

4. Put it the effort

Sadly, a lot of us give up on being sexually attractive to our partners once we are in a long-term relationship. Kicking attraction out of the equation can definitely put a damper on your sex life. Dress sexily and put in the effort to keep your body in the shape that attracted them to you in the first place. Dress up and go on dates with each other so you can reignite earlier feelings of sexual attraction.

5. Communicate

Sometimes, one partner could feel unhappy that there is not enough sex in the relationship but instead of addressing the issue, he/she would rather ignore it, making things even worse. Sex is a very important part of a relationship, especially if one person wants it and the other seems not to. So, you should have a discussion about it the way you would about other aspects of your relationship. Talking about it might help bring to the surface any issues that are killing your sex life.

6. Have sex

Sometimes, to have more sex, simply have sex. When it comes to women especially, having orgasms cause them to crave more, this means they will be inclined to have more sex. To keep your sex life hot, just do it. Get in there and let your bodies do the rest. Put in the effort to please your partner and have their body buzzing excitedly all day until the next time you do it again.

Lola Phillips

Lola Phillips

Lola embraces her sexuality and she wants others to too. She enjoys sex and she enjoys writing but her biggest weakness is Cake. Instagram: @freakylollie

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