Finally! Flavour Reveals Love Of His Life

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The Enugu born highlife singer was in Nairobi, Kenya recently for the recording of Coke Studio Africa, which is set to begin airing soon.

During his session on the studio, the “Ada Ada” crooner took to Coca-Cola Nigeria’s facebook page @cocacolanigeria to share his musical experience and guess what he dropped the line about the love of his life.

Asked who is favourite partner is, Flavour revealed “Music”.

There you have it… Flavour is in love with Music…Now, what were you expecting? Lol.

It’s no surprise, though, Flavour has always made it known that he doesn’t have time for women right now.

Last year, the singer in an interview with The Punch Newspaper stated that he has no plans for marriage at the moment because his career is very demanding.

Apparently, he is still holding his ground on the matter.

Flavour will be pairing with Angolan Yuri da Cunha and up-and-coming Congolese musician Sosey on Coke studio 4.

Flavour-Coke Studio Africa_360nobs

Tonia Soares

Tonia Soares

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