EROTICA: The Strumpet Diaries – Episode 1

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Hi, my name is Maxine but everyone calls me Max, you can too. I’m a 25 year old furniture designer. I do want to get married someday, but not anytime soon. I have four brothers and no sister so I do not believe in double standards. As a matter of fact, I’m so against it that it may be the reason why I can never stay in a relationship past 6 months. Nigerian men are too egotistic and old fashioned.

I started my company at 21 and minus the actual guys that make the furniture I design; I have only one other staff; my best friend Farida who handles all the paperwork. All I do is sketch. I’ve known her since we were both 6 and in grade school. Anyway, this isn’t about that. I’m trying to document my sexperiences for no particular reason other than to give other independent and flighty women the chance to know that there’s NOTHING wrong with owning their sexuality.

I love my job, but on occasion it does get a little tedious and demanding. So when a deadline is met and furniture delivered, Farida and I usually go on a break. Last month we went to Gambia for the weekend. Gambia because Fari had a bf there at the time. Not anymore (don’t ask me why) we may be cut from the same cloth. Whatever the case, I’m glad we went as I’m still reeling from the after effects of that trip. One word, wild.

After I’d checked into the hotel, we decided to go sit by the pool while we waited for Faris man to be done from work and come get her. I had showered and changed into a black and white 2 piece swim suit by Andrea Iyamah #teambuynigerian. There were a bunch of guys scattered around, but one caught my eye. He just stood out with his messy dreads dyed blonde at the tips. He had this Asap Rocky thing going for him. It was sexy. He wasn’t great looking or buff or anything, but he definitely cannot be described as ugly. Weird thing is, in Nigeria, I would never have looked at him twice, but there is something wanton about being in a setting where no one knows who you are and you can be anything and anybody you want to be.

So there I was, checking this boy out while I pulled out a pack of dunhill switch and head phones from the backpack I’d brought down with me. Fari gave me a nudge and nodded in his direction. Late kate. Someone id already spotted.

“Farida please go over to their table and ask for a lighter”

“You want to fuck that guy yes? Why don’t you go?”

“You know me too well. But if you go, it’ll give him time to notice me then check me out”

“Ah I see. Okay, I’d be right back”

I put my shades on and fiddled with my phone, but I was watching from the corner of my eye. Farida and I are each other’s wing man, she always gets it right. So when she signalled at me to come over to the other side of the pool I knew she had cleared the way. I got up slowly, subtly untying my sarong so when I stood up straight it slid down my legs and fell to the ground. I don’t have the perfect body with taut muscles and all that, but there’s no unwanted fat in place so I am proud of it. My little seductive scene got the required attention. I used my toes to lift up the sarong, tied it back around my waist and sashayed over to where Farida was waiting with 3 guys that weren’t mr asap rocky guy.

“Max, they have pot. Are you interested?” She knew I was. I’m a regular pothead and I figured, Gambia stash would definitely be something of an experience. So I sat down. We introduced ourselves while we puffed and passed all the while behind my shades, my eyes scanned the area for asap rockyish. I was still looking around when he sat in front of me bare chest with only a towel on and droplets of water sliding down his body. He stretched out his hand and of course I took it

“Hi there im temidayo”

“Hey I’m max”

“Are you getting in the pool or is that bikini too sexy to get wet?”
“I can’t swim but sexy is best wet isn’t it?”

“If that’s the case then id only be too glad to teach you I would love to see you wet”

I smiled, took a puff and blew the smoke in his direction and handed him the stick.  Sexual innuendos are sort of my thing… I love banter, it turns me on. As high as I was, I was staring at his lips wondering if he would think me too forward if I leaned in and planted a kiss on them. No time o. I had zoned out.

“So… Max do you want me to teach you?”

“Maybe, Right now I’m just enjoying the view”

“Okay, while you’re at it, tell me, what do you do?”

“Tell me what you do first”

“I’m in my final year in the Law school of Gambia”

“Oh? Why Gambia?”

“I grew up here, lived here all my life, so why not Gambia?”

“Valid. I design furniture”


I was warming up to the conversation when a lady came out of the blues literally and plopped herself on his laps. Farida snorted. Lol. Wow. She looked like she had just come out of the pool. I hadn’t noticed her. My thoughts and views had zeroed in on home boy alone. The girl wasn’t here to play though. Came to show me I was trespassing. Anyway with all that sex appeal he had, I would have been more surprised if he were single. Not to worry, that had never been an issue. As long as the man was interested, challenge accepted.

I turned away from him and pretended to be fascinated by some random conversation Farida and the other guys were having, but out of the corner of my eye, I saw homeboy whisper into the girl’s ear and they both got up together. I was kinda disappointed, but hey. I sat there for another 10mintes then got up to leave as well then they came back and the girl got in the pool, he walked past me and dropped a piece of paper on my laps. On it he had scribbled “there’s something here, let’s explore – poolside bloke” along with his number.

hehehe #winning

I went back up to my room and after Farida left to go be with her man about 2 hours later, I called homeboy up.

“I’ve been expecting your call”

“Have you? I wanted to give you time to dismiss Miss Lady”

“She was dismissed as soon as you walked into the pool area”

“Is it? “

“Yeah ma’m what are you up to?”

“Why don’t you come over and find out?”

“I’d be there in 15mins”

I gave him my room number, popped a blue pill and got in the bath tub with some Lana Del Ray on loud. It had begun to rain and at 7pm it was the perfect weather. I was floating and the cosmic was in sync with me. I came out of the bathroom and waited. I didn’t have to wait long, there was a knock on the door and without asking who it was, I took a look through the spy hole and opened up in my underwear

“Hey there poolside bloke.”

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