EROTICA: Taking Me Roughly

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I was finding it difficult to sleep.

I was spending the night at my best friend, Linda’s house. I chose to study at her house because we both needed to  prepare for our upcoming WAEC exam. Her house was closer to the school and PHCN was kinder to them. We had studied straight into the night and Linda had gone to bed at about 1am. I was finding it difficult to relax enough to fall asleep.

I think most of my restlessness had to do with Ben. Ben was Linda’s brother who returned home from university a couple of days previously. I had only seen him in passing before since he was almost always in school or otherwise, he bunked with friends. All evening, he was walking in and out of our study room, with one excuse or the other, and shooting longing glances my way.

He was absolutely handsome. He had a body that most of my male schoolmates will kill for. He was tall, broad-shouldered and not too skinny. He paraded the house in just his shorts and his body literally called my attention.

I tried to discard my naughty thoughts but here I was, in the middle of the night and still thinking about him.

I looked beside me to see Linda snoring away and sighed while attempting to make myself more comfortable.

I heard the door creak silently open. At the entrance was a silhouette I could only assume was Ben’s since it was a little dark to see clearly. He came close to me and I tried to feign sleep. He brought his face closer to my cheek. This startled me and my eyes opened widely in question.

“Sshhh… lie still,” he whispered in my ears.

I did, hoping not to wake Linda who shifted a little bit beside me. He moved his mouth and placed it on mine. Soon, my hands were wrapped around his neck as I kissed him back with all the passion I could muster. I liked him and really wanted to impress him. I pushed my chest up so he can feel my hard nipples through the silk material of my nightgown.

He released my mouth and moved downwards. Using his hands he traced a line along my boob to my nipple through the dress. When he found them, he gently moved his face down and flicked one with his tongue.

The contact sent a jolt of electricity through me. I bit my lip to keep from making a noise. Seeing that I was aroused, he pulled up my dress and took my breast into his mouth. I could feel the warmth between my legs and I wanted so badly to feel some kind of friction.

As if he knew my thoughts, he brought one hand down to my centre, shifted my panties aside and slid one finger in. He kept gently pushing his finger in and out of me as I felt myself getting wetter. This was the farthest I had gone with any guy and I wondered if I should tell him.

Before I could decide, he unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts then brought out his dick. Sensing my inexperience, he took my hand and brought it to rest on his hardness. It was big, hard and veiny. I had never touched an erect one before.

He let out a silent groan as my hand traced the length of his cock. He then settled himself on top of me and between my leg. Using the tip, he rubbed against the entrance of my pussy and slowly entered. I clenched my body and he stilled, waiting for me to relax, then he entered even deeper.

Things were starting to get uncomfortable as he was no longer gentle.

“Lie still, it is better this way,” he was saying roughly pushing into me. I dug my nails into his shoulders as he filled me deeply. I felt like I was about to split open from the pressure. He soon began to slide in and out of me. I tried to stay quiet but it was getting really hard. His thrusts soon began to feel sharper until finally, he went deeply and stilled.

After this, he removed his cock from me and returned to face me.

“It will be better next time, I promise,” he said to me and gave me a sweet kiss on the mouth.

I kissed him back because despite everything, I knew I had fallen in love with him and I wanted my next time to be with him.

Lola Phillips

Lola Phillips

Lola embraces her sexuality and she wants others to too. She enjoys sex and she enjoys writing but her biggest weakness is Cake. Instagram: @freakylollie

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