EROTICA: The Strumpet Diaries – Episode 2

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The way he was looking at me, eyes all over my body, gaze lingering on my breasts made me pat myself on the back, 5 points for the underwear trick. Seduction in play.

“Sexy lady, wont you let me in?”

I moved back a little and he brushed past me as he walked into the room. The thing is, I’m not sure if all his movements were as slow as my brain was registering them though. I was definitely inebriated. I sat on the bed after remembering to shut the door and stared up at him while the music from my laptop blared seemingly louder in the sudden silence

Let’s get outta this town baby we’re on fire

Everyone around here seems to be going down down down

If you stick with me I can take you higher and higher…

The song was giving the perfect soundtrack and I was so zoned out that I was pretty much content in that moment to just stare at him humming the lyrics in my head till he pulled me out of my reverie.

“What song is this?”

“Lucky ones”

“Who by?”

“Lana del Rey. But are you really going to pretend you came all the way here for small talk?”

I pushed myself off the bed and stood in front of him. He was wearing a plain black tee shirt and black shorts. I slipped my hands under his shirt and slowly felt up his chest, lingering on his nipples. My eyes were closed but I heard him suck in a breath. He was hairless, I liked that. I kissed him. Hard, fast and passionate. I hurriedly pulled off his shirt and pulled him down to the bed. Then he stopped me, held my hands above my head and looked in my eyes.


I was ready to kick him out if he tried to declare feelings and all that romantic stuff. I really just wanted to fuck, nothing else. He asked me –

“Are you going somewhere tonight?”

I literally blinked twice. Huh? Boy what?!? I was so confused

“No I’m not. Why?”

“You seem to be in quite a bit of a hurry”

“Ohhh…” well wasn’t I embarrassed then. Lol.

I pushed him off me.

“Okay, what do you want to do then?”

He got up, stripped down to his boxers and threw a condom on the bed. Great, very thoughtful. He went over to the dressing table and proceeded to roll up a joint.

“I said we should explore right? So while I want to fuck you, I want it to last all night”

“I’m down for that”

Still in my underwear, I sat on the table beside him and pulled out a stick of Dunhill.

“Want one?”

“Nah thanks”

I don’t mind when a guy doesn’t smoke cigs but I feel some type of way smoking in front of them so I put mine away.

He lit up the joint, took the smoke in and kissed me slowly. That was the best drag I had ever taken in my life. It was super sexy, I think on the street, that’s called the kiss of death. Apt, because I dieeeed. I was so turned on.

We went back and forth with that for a bit then he got off the table, got on his knees, slid my gstring to the side and proceeded to eat my pussy with precision. I threw my head back and held on to his dreads for dear life. He slid a finger inside of me while he licked my clit then he slowly pulled the finger out and slid it back in. I heard a loud moan that might have come from me but it sounded so foreign. I wrapped my legs around his neck, clenched my thighs and came in his mouth with my fingers still entangled in his dreads.

He got on his feet then carried me to the bed. I straddled him, kissed my juice off his mouth then went down to take his dick in my mouth and return the favour. If I do say so myself, my head game is 100%. I wet his dick with my tongue and sucked on the tip with one hand squeezing his balls.

“Do you want me to come in your mouth?”

“No come fuck me” I lay back touching myself while he put the condom on. He sat down and watched me. I massaged my clit then slid my forefinger into my pussy. He got up, spread my legs over my head in capital punishment and entered me. He fucked me long and hard, then we changed positions and I straddled him in reverse cowgirl and slowed things down. I spelt my name on his dick, grinding and riding him, taking in every inch of him. His moaning was enough motivation. He grabbed my ass and took absolute control of my movement.

“Squeeze my balls babe I’m about to cum”

I leaned forward slightly so my clit was brushing his dick and kegeled. Then I felt the build up and started riding him harder, the intensity was trippy. He grabbed my breasts and rose up to meet me. We came together, the orgasm was … orgasmic. I swear our moans could be heard back in Nigeria. Fuuuuuck!

I fell back on the bed into his arms and passed out.

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