EROTICA: The First Date

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We both wanted to fuck, it was as simple as that, but we were doing the normal and conventional thing.

That Friday evening, we were sitting across from each other in a semi-crowded restaurant and pretending that we were both not interested in tearing each other’s clothes off.

I guess I understood why he would need to pretend, though. He was probably worried he would scare me off if he expressed his interest in fucking me on the first date. I did not blame him. This was not my style either, but as soon as I walked him and saw how handsome my blind date was, all sense left the room.

He seemed to feel the same way too because as I strolled into the room, covered in a skin-tight red dress that moulded my curves, his mouth parted in a gasp. His eyes were drawn to my cleavage all through the date so much that I wondered if he would even remember what my facial features were like. I smiled indulgently, choosing not to call him out on it since my thoughts were also not that pure.

It was getting a little late. Neither of us wanted to say goodbye, but we knew we had to. I was dreading returning home unfulfilled when he said, “there is a really cool bar near my house, would you like to come?”

I was thrilled to.

Alcohol certainly was magic. He became a lot more open after a couple of beers and so did I. We tried not to venture into how much we wanted to plough each other, but we both opened up about the sexual attraction we felt. The discussion plus the liquor helped us come to a mutually beneficial agreement. I agreed to spend the night at his house.

He opened the door to let me in. It was dark inside his studio apartment, there was no power. He found a lamp and put it on. He was facing me and talking about switching on the generator when suddenly, I moved closer to him. My arms were wrapped around him and we were soon kissing like randy teenagers. His hands were all over me. He ran his palms up and down my body through my clothes then came to settle on my ass as we kissed, I moved my pelvis against him, wanting to feel something, anything, as I was drowning in need. I soon began to work on his buttons, needing him to be free and naked. As soon as his trousers shorts came down, I wrapped my hand around his erect member. Damn, I hit the jackpot, the size was impressive.

My hand on his dick was his undoing. He peeled off my dress and immediately reached down to tease my nipple through the lace bra I wore. I moaned, my hand tightening on his cock. He groaned and pushed the bra down so my breasts were freed. He palmed them both, flicking one nipple with his thumb and covering the other with his hot mouth.

I could not handle the waiting anymore. I pushed him towards the bed and climbed on top of him. I bent down to kiss him again, my nipples grazing his chest so sweetly.

I pushed up to hurriedly take off my panties which were already damp with proof of my arousal. His eyes were on me as I settled down on him and slipped his dick into my waiting cunt. I moaned even louder as I felt it slide through my tight walls. He let out a groan too as his cock made its way through my warmth. I sat still for a second, enjoying the feel of him in me. It had been way too long since I had sex, I needed to savour this. He grabbed my hips and pushed me in an upwards position, urging me to move. I did as he wanted. I slowly began to move up and down on me, his dick slipping so amazingly in and out. I wanted to cry out in bliss. He brought one hand to my cunt and began to play around with my pussy, using his finger.

“Yes, don’t stop,” I said, feeling my orgasm build.

He intensified the pressure and I could feel myself starting to unravel. I cried out as my orgasm escaped me, quaking and grinding against his cock.

He watched me cum, looking at me in awe as my face scrunched up and my pussy tightened around him. He began to pant heavily as I arched my back, feeling his cock throb inside me.

I began bouncing up and down on him, moving so high that the tip of his cock was at the entrance of my pussy, before roughly bearing down so deep I could feel it graze against my cervix. I kept moving up and down this way until he began to moan and groan louder, grasping me tight at the waist to keep me still, then cumming hard into my pussy.

We lay there in our aftermath for a few seconds.

“I would love to do this again,” he said.

“We’ve got all night,” I whispered back.

Lola Phillips

Lola Phillips

Lola embraces her sexuality and she wants others to too. She enjoys sex and she enjoys writing but her biggest weakness is Cake. Instagram: @freakylollie

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