Dubai To Build Rainforest Inside A Hotel

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Already home to the world’s tallest building, biggest shopping mall and largest man-made island, Dubai’s latest project is a tropical rainforest in a hotel.

The 7,000-square-meter rainforest will be also be part of the upcoming Rosemont Hotel and Residences, Dubai. The complex is expected to open up to guests in 2018 and is made up of two 53-story high towers.

See Dubai’s rain forest-hotel

“Our client’s concept here was to create a very unique destination for the city of Dubai. We also want to create a project that would be a destination itself, with every possible leisure and entertainment amenity inside the hotel,” says DJ Armin, the principal architect and managing partner of ZAS Architects Dubai.



“Inside the rainforest, we’ve created a landscape akin to a full-scale tropical environment. It is complete with adventure trails, a sandless beach, a splash pool, waterfalls, streams and a rainforest cafe,” Armin explained. “Technological features also include an advanced sensory rain system that creates a 360-degree experience. This simulates the sensation of being surrounded by rainfall without actually getting wet.” Sensors control where the rain will fall depending on wherever people are detected.

The project is meanwhile still at an early stage. It however appears the rain forest will be open to the public in addition to hotel guests.

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