360Exclusive: DJ Spinall Opens Up About Upcoming Album, ‘Ten’

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Superstar Nigerian DJ, DJ Spinall is set to release his sophomore studio album, Ten.

In an exclusive interview with 360Nobs, the Unstoppable DJ opened up on how the album title came together and much more. Read the interview below!

What is the story behind the name of your new album, Ten?
TEN – is a word that depicts perfection. Also, this album is TEN Tracks of amazing sound. We have carefully selected TEN tracks we were most happy with during production.
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With your debut album, My Story, released barely a year ago, what led to this creation of this new album? Should fans expect an album every year from the Unstoppable DJ?
Lol it’s not a new thing. I won’t be the first to do this. If I can create an album every year, I will. We have put in so much hard work into this project and have had great fun working with some amazing geniuses. And we hope you have fun listening to it.
How do you choose the right artistes to feature on a track? What criteria do you look at?
For me, talent comes first… From delivery, to versatility, to chemistry/vibe, mutual respect and the list goes on.
You make a beat and in the process, you can easily hear who best fits the record.
So, let’s just say the beat picks the artists, we just flow with the chemistry.
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How do you respond to critics who say DJ’s shouldn’t release music as they don’t actually sing on the tracks?
There is criticism in every sphere of life. So far the criticism is constructive, I take it onboard and step my craft up.
This job did not exist in 2000 BC. It’s an act that is still evolving worldwide, so our fans should try evolving with us.
Should fans expect an international collaboration on Ten? If you could feature any international act, who would it be, and why? 
I’m just growing. This is still work in progress and charity begins at home. My focus is to export our music and showcase our homegrown talents to the entire world. If in the process an opportunity for an international collaboration opens and it syncs with our strategy at the time, I will take it with joy. It’s all about good music.




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