Disney Consider Buying Twitter

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It’s been reported that Google are looking to purchase Twitter and now they could be facing some competition from Disney if reports are to be believed.

It was first reported on Monday that Disney was considering joining the growing list of potential suitors for the social networking company. It’ll be joining a list that is said to already include Salesforce Inc, Microsoft and Google.

Disney already owns ABC and ESPN and is the only media company rumored to be eyeing the social network.

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Disney may buy Twitter

CNBC reported on Monday that a Twitter sale could happen in as soon as 30 to 45 days.

Though one problem with this acquisition would be that Twitter has an image problem, and that might harm Disney’s clean reputation and penchant for tightfisted control of its properties. Twitter has had well-publicized struggles controlling users who post racist, homophobic or sexist content. Also, Twitter has become known as a tool for terrorist groups such as ISIS. These groups use the network to recruit people to their causes.

However the company and Twitter already have a link . Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has been on the Disney board since 2013.

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