Desiigner Arrested For Drugs And Gun Possession

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Desiigner was arrested on Thursday for drug and gun possession in New York City. The arrest is reported to have taken place after an alleged road rage incident.

The G.O.O.D Music artiste was in an SUV with other passengers when an argument broke out between them and the driver of another vehicle. According to the other driver, Desiigner pointed a gun at him which prompted him to call 911. By the time the police got to the scene, the rapper and the SUV had left.

Desiigner arrested for guns and drugs

The driver did manage to write out the license plate number of the SUV which helped Police locate the car. Upon searching the car, the police found “large quantities of loose pills in the center console” said to be Oxycotin. This led to Desiigner and his four pals being arrested for felony drug possession and also intent to sell.

In addition, He was also booked for felony possession of a loaded weapon and menacing for allegedly pointing a gun at the driver.

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