Canelo: Golovkin Is Avoiding Me

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Canelo Alvarez claimed the super-welterweight world title from Liam Smith after delivering a ninth round knockout.

Canelo Alvarez Drops Liam Smith In Ninth Round

The Mexican boxer who is 48-1-1-KO34 turned up for the bout, felling Smith three times to claiming the title. After which he claimed GGG already ducked him.

The 26-year-old was criticised for vacating his WBC middleweight belt so he could move to 154lbs, but insist the move was not a result of a desire to avoid the imperious Golovkin (36-0-KO33), who he says has already rejected one contract offer.

After downing Smith, ‘Canelo’ told HBO: “I fear nobody. I was born for this and even though many people may not like it, I’m the best fighter right now.

“About a month ago, we offered him [Golovkin] twice or three times as much to make the fight. I didn’t want to say anything because I respect my rivals. He didn’t want to accept.

“We’re a team. I’m not going to blame my promoter or anyone else. I fear nobody. I’m 26 years old, I’ve fought the best in history and as I’ve already said, I’m the best at this moment in time.

“I want to thank everybody that’s here. I told you I was going to give you a big fight and bring you the championship and here it is.

“I started controlling him [Smith] but in the second round I hurt my right hand so I had to use my left more often. I could only use my right hand sparingly.

“I felt he was very strong in the beginning so I felt I had to put that body work in and eventually he would dwindle. I did my job. Great fights come when matches fit well. I’m a counter-puncher so I enjoyed this fight very much.”

A despondent Smith (23-1-1-KO13), who suffered the first defeat of his career, said: “He was too cute for me to be honest. No excuses but from my point of view, my timing was so off. I haven’t done much sparring but he was too cute for me. I couldn’t land anything clean and he was too good for me on the night.

“I was slow and had no timing to make him think twice. I thought I’d take over late but he was cute. I never landed to the body like I wanted to. He caught the body shots well and landed his own.”



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