#360TvSeries : Pictures From Arrow/The Flash/Supergirl/Legends Of Tomorrow Crossover 

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The Party is about to get even hotter 

This fall’s four-way crossover between Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will pit the super crew against DC Comics’ Dominators, according to TVLine 

Arrow and Legends EP Marc Guggenheim says he’s “taking inspiration from a DC crossover from the late 1980s known as Invasion!, which featured an alien race called the Dominators, who’d previously vexed the Legion of Superheroes.

“We’re using cutting-edge prosthetics and computer effects to achieve a feature film-quality look,” Guggenheim adds, “which is faithful to Invasion! artist Todd McFarlane’s interpretation of the characters.”
Last week, Guggenheim tweeted an image from the table read for Arrow‘s 100th episode also earlier this week, Amell released his own teaser pic that strongly hinted at a Deathstroke cameo 



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