Big Boys Cry Too

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Folusho was a scallywag, not of his own volition but he grew up knowing no other way.

He had been unable to get a formal education like most of his peers, because his father was a drunk and his mother, well let’s just say she was never around, who could blame her? His father got drunk and needed to hit something and it was usually her or Folusho, who had no means of escape.

As an adult it had been difficult for him to find love, to find a semblance of a healthy relationship, he didn’t know what that was even if it hit him in the face.

He had a ton of women at his beck and call, he was king of the bedroom, his prowess was widely talked about, the women literally fought to be his number one. Everyday was a party in Folusho’s life, booze, drugs, orgies, he knew no other life.

On this fateful day, while a guest at a wedding, he reconnected with an old friend. He had not immediately recognised her, she was his best friend as a kid but had blossomed into a belle. It was her voice that reignited recognition, he knew that he knew that voice, he had always wondered what happened to her.

She on the other hand didn’t recognize him, he had grown a formidable beard and was built like a buck far from the scrawny kid. He called out her name.


She turned with a look of surprise on her face replying, “Do I know you?” He replied,” it’s me, Folusho.” She gasped, then immediately got up and jumped on him, bombarding him with so many questions. She introduced him to her boyfriend, explaining that he was her long lost brother.

Over the next few weeks they had talked everyday. He felt uncomfortable at first seeing she was dating someone, but it was as if time had rewound, every moment spent talking to her made him fall even harder. It wasn’t long before it became serious, he had sent the droves of women packing. He wanted to be the best possible human being for her.

After dinner they had jumped on each other right in the parking lot. He couldn’t wait to have her, but for some reason he wasn’t physically tuned in, he remembered that just before meeting Shalewa, he had had the same problem, but felt he was just tired.

He could see the look of disappointment on her face, he cowered in shame but had no words. They had tried again but it was as if his appendage was against a loving relationship. This was the swift stroke that ended their otherwise blooming love affair.


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