6 Reasons Why Woman-On-Top Is The Hottest Sex Move

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When people are asked about their favourite sex positions, you are more likely to hear moves like Missionary or Doggie style. Granted, those are pretty cool moves too but the Cowgirl (Woman-on-top) sex position offers a whole different set of perks that people often overlook.

Below are six of those.

The Visual

It is often said that men are visual creatures, i.e, they get more aroused by what they see. So, if you truly want a move that gives the best visual, then cowgirl it is. With this position, the guy can enjoy watching his partner’s body move and gyrate against him. Some men can even get off  from watching himself slide in and out of her. Or when she does that up and down move and those boobs jiggle so alluringly. He also gets to watch her face as it reacts to the lovemaking. Honestly, what’s not to love?

He Lasts Longer

Cowgirl is a go-to move for a lot of men because it helps them last longer in the bedroom. Because the woman is the one in control, it means he can focus more on maintaining his erection. The stimulation is not as intense of acute as other moves where he takes control. So, if you are looking to prolong your sex session, then consider Cowgirl.

She knows where to hit

When she is the one in control, she knows how to move so that his penis is always hitting the right spot. He does not have to worry about the pace and intensity of his thrusts because she will be the one to do what works well for her. This means that her orgasm is even more likely because it is up to her.

Added stimulation

A lot of women know that if you want to heighten the pleasure, stroking yourself during penetration can do wonders. This move gives the perfect opportunity to do that. She can touch her vagina and rub it while she moves around him. He can also be the one to do it for her. There are more than enough space and opportunity for them to enjoy this.

Sit back and relax

Sometimes, guys just want to lie back and enjoy the show. This position gives you just that. He does not necessarily have to do much except watch his woman do her thing. She might also get off on the pleasure of being the dominant sex partner at that point. Win-win for both.

Gets her fit

Sex can be an amazing form of exercise. If you did not know this, now you do. Imagine how toned her hips and butt would be if she rides her man at least once a day? She can even get in some Squat session. All she has to do is place her feet on the bed (or whatever surface being used) and squat on him, making an up-and-down movement as long as she can go. It feels great to them both and she gets the added bonus of getting an exercise. So, not only does this move make you both feel good on the inside, it can also make her so much hotter in a few short weeks. So, she can skip the gym and just ride him instead.

Lola Phillips

Lola Phillips

Lola embraces her sexuality and she wants others to too. She enjoys sex and she enjoys writing but her biggest weakness is Cake. Instagram: @freakylollie

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