‘Air Strikes’ In Aleppo Kill Scores As Millions Of Civilians Are Left Without Water

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'Air Strikes' In Aleppo Kill Scores As Millions Of Civilians Are Left Without Water

Scores of civilians have been killed in a third day of ceaseless and intense bombing in Aleppo as the regime’s brutal advance on rebel-held areas of the Syrian city continues.

As of Saturday morning, no less than 25 persons were reported dead and buried under the rubble of their destroyed homes as hospitals were overwhelmed with the wounded.

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In the afternoon, Local Coordination Committees estimated the death toll at 49, and the figure was expected to rise as rescue workers dug bodies out of ruined buildings.

However, other sources say the death toll may have passed 100 since Friday but figures were impossible to verify as recovery work continues.

The roar of a retreating warplane, believed to be Russian, could be heard as one devastating strike hit, with footage showing a huge explosion resonate across the city before sending a huge plume of dust and smoke hundreds of feet into the air.

This is coming when the United Nations raised the alarm over a mounting humanitarian crisis after a strike on a pumping station left residents without running water.

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Hanaa Singer, a Unicef representative in Syria, said residents in eastern Aleppo will have to resort to contaminated wells, while those in the government-controlled west have access to safe groundwater.

“Depriving children of water puts them at risk of catastrophic outbreaks of water-borne diseases,” she added.

“It is critical for children’s survival that all parties to the conflict stop attacks on water infrastructure, provide access to assess and repair damage to Bab al-Nairab station, and switch the water back on at the Suleiman al-Halabi station.”



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