4 Sex Positions You Should Adopt When Your Woman Is On Her Period

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When your woman is on her period, chances are she will feel bloated and have lots of cramps which can be blamed on changes in her oestrogen and testosterone levels rise.

These hormonal changes prepare her for sex when she’s done with her period. More so, a lot of women tend to have an increased blood flow and slickness during their periods which makes sex more enjoyable for them.

If you and your woman are horny and she’s on her period, you may want to stick to these gravity-fighting moves that will ensure you both end up with as little mess as possible.

Advanced Missionary

Women usually prefer to keep it simple when they are on their periods as anything rough can aggravate their cramps and irritation. As such, straight up missionary sex is usually on their minds. You should also have it at the back of your mind that lazy sex is the best form of sex at times.

Lying down will help in more ways than one to minimise her cramps. Ensure that you place towels underneath her butt to help minimise cleanup afterwards.

If you want to feel tighter inside of her, have her legs closed and held together during the missionary sex style. This helps to increase the pressure in her vagina area and also reduce the chances of you slipping out.

The Butterfly Move

The Butterfly Move is one that is not energy sapping and sits well with the woman when she’s on her period. You can have your woman lie on her back at the edge of the bed while you stand in front of her. Have her place her legs over your shoulders while she uses her arms to raise your hips until you reach a comfortable angle.

A stack of towels or clothes can help to prevent any uncomfortable feeling which may strain your muscles. This position can also be reversed into a missionary position with you kneeling down to prevent any leakage.

The Stand-Up Doggy Style Move

The Stand-Up Doggy Style Move is especially great for the shower because it allows you the option of enjoying two things at the same time. The first good thing about it is that you get to keep your body and that of your partner clean during the process of having sex and your woman can distract herself from her cramps with the water running down her body which will stimulate other areas.

You can have your woman face the wall with her arms lying against it. Have her arch her back to a position where it will be easy for you to penetrate. You can make the position more comfortable for you by placing one of your feet on the edge of the bath tub or any elevated surface. This will provide you with more stability during the entire sexual inter course.


Spooning is a tried and tested method that has survived the times. This position allows your woman to control the angle at which you penetrate, and it gives you free access to her breast which most likely needs to be caressed due to the soreness that comes with her period.

The advantage of this position is that it reduces the chance of having any spills and allows only for shallow penetration. This is especially important if your woman’s cramps are out of control.

You should however remember that period sex doesn’t have to include penetration. It all depends on what you and your partner are comfortable with. You may both consider using your hands to achieve orgasm as opposed to penetrative sex with the sex organs.



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