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After spending the greater part of the year locked in a supreme battle of wills – actually it goes back a few years now but who’s counting? –  the brothers Okoye, (Jude inclusive) appear to have set aside their differences aside for the time being at least.

Their time away and the total rejection of their solo attempts by the fans must have convinced the Okoye clan that in their case, two is indeed better than one.

And so for the love of the fans, or the art, or maybe just the money (most likely), everything on the surface, appears to be good again in Squareville.

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Anyone hoping for a reinvention from the brothers in terms of sound and career direction has not really been following the Psquare brand this past decade.

The brothers are no trend makers. They just follow whatever is hot at the moment and make the best version of it, packaging whatever they are selling to a shiny gloss.

The title of their much hyped reunion sets the mood for what is to come. And what comes next is a shiny, upbeat version of today’s radio friendly fare. The opening beats recall Shekini, the hit single from their last album Double Trouble but this time, they don’t bother to come up with supporting dance steps.

The mood is jubilant, the swing upbeat, autotune application is generous and Psquare is in their favourite mileu, singing about money; both making and spending it. The lyrics consist of familiar Psquare mumbo jumbo, My bank alert na gbagam/My cheque e no dey bounce/My mansion all na gbadam/Baby take a look around.

If you ever heard a Psquare (un)original tune before, from Chop my money to Testimoney, you have heard Bank Alert. The themes are the same and the brothers seem happiest whenever they are flaunting their fabulous wealth.

The video, directed by the duo of Clarence Peters and Jude Okoye can be described as a love story, not between a man and woman although the plot involving a young couple wants to make you think so. It is another trifling documentation of the brothers’ love affair with money.

After a brief intro, where Paul tries but is unable to sell an image of him as a pauper, the video warms up to its topic with clips of private jets, Ghana Must Go bags bursting with money and famous friends (Kcee, Phyno) climaxing in an obscene show of wealth in a deprived neighbourhood.

Bank Alert does not come close to approaching the heights of the best P-Square videos but it works as an average one. P-Square can churn out decent videos even in their sleep but what really makes this one exciting and not another run of the mill effort is the presence of Nollywood star John Okafor (Mr Ibu) and national treasure, Onyeka Onwenu.

Bank Alert actually borrows heavily from Onwenu’s evergreen hit Iyogogo and her presence serves as a very open endorsement, a necessity in these days of copyright infringement accusations. Okafor and Onwenu nearly steal the show with their infectious dance steps and willingness to be in on the joke.

P-Square is back alright and, it is just like they never left.

Watch P-Square in ‘Bank Alert’ Video below!

You can download the song below

  DOWNLOAD VIDEO: P-Square - Bank Alert (22.2 MiB, 289,525 hits)

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Wilfred Okiche

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