2016 Movie Sequels That Everyone Loved

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2016 might as well be named the year of the sequels as quite a number of blockbusters released in the past have made their way back into the cinemas. From John Wick 2, Ride Along 2, BarberShop: The Next Cut to My Big Greek Fat Wedding 2, the sequels have got movie lovers asking for more.

With barely 3 months till the end of 2016. Some amazing sequels are about to be released.

Now You See Me 2

Now you see me 2

Now you see me 2 sees the return of the Horsemen in a follow up to the first part that was released in 2013. More magic and unbelievable stunts should be expected but one question that begs an answer is: are the Horsemen really the good guys? That is where Walter (Daniel Radcliffe) comes in as he is out for revenge against the Horsemen for sending his father to prison during their last antics.

Like the original movie, this one is expected to be full of a lot of twists and turns which will hopefully have one last revelation like the that had movie goers screaming at the end of the first movie.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Sword Of Destiny


The first Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon movie was released in 2000 and it’s surprising that it took almost 16 years for a sequel to make its way back to the big screens. The movie is based on the novel Iron Knight, Silver Vase (by Wang Dulu) and will surely be a martial-arts spectacle to behold.
With that been said, Sword of Destiny has finally seen the light of the day and is available on Netflix. Michelle Yeoh returns as Yu Shu Lien and she must do her best to guard the green sword of destiny against those who would use it for evil.

Kung Fu Panda 3

Kung Fu Panda 3 360nobs

Our adorable panda who has a knack for kung fu is back and he has quite a lot up his sleeves this time around. Po (Jack Black) is about to take us on a journey to discover where he came from and we’d probably finally know all the secrets surrounding our martial-arts loving friend. The third installment of the hit animated franchise sees Po’s father coming to look for him and taking him home to a panda sanctuary. Po however finds out that he doesn’t quite fit in with the pandas, even though they are his own kind.

More so, while Po struggles with fitting in, he also has to deal with yet another enemy, Kai (J.K. Simmons), who is stealing the Chi’s of Kung fu masters to make himself very powerful. To defeat Kai, Po has to train up the pandas in the sanctuary to help in the fight which brings up a lot of comic laughter which is what the entire franchise is about.

The Huntsman: Winter’s War

Snow White and the Huntsman suffered mixed reviews and had a less-than-favorable reception. This however did not stop the producers from making a sequel as Chris Hemsworth makes his way back for the second fairy tale that seems way better than the first. is back for a second fairy tale film which looks significantly better than the original.

This time around snow white is missing and a warrior woman (Jessica Chastain) plays the woman who matches up to Chris Hemsworth’s huntsman character. The two fighters have to join hands in the middle of a war, to prevent the Evil Queen (Charlize Theron) and her sister, the Ice Queen (Emily Blunt) from taking over. The movie is an action film and has an impressive costume and cast that should appeal to all.

Bad Santa 2


The first part of this movie was surprisingly sweet and incredibly rude which is what perhaps made it a cult classic. Bad Santa is finally getting a follow up and fans of Billy Bob Thornton and his heavy-drinking, safe-cracking Santa can settle in to enjoy another part of one of the few adult Christmas movies that will be available.

Tony Cox joins Billy Bob Thornton (Willie) as his unwilling partner in crime Marcus, and Brett Kelly comes in as the older and grown up version of Thurman Merman. Kathy Bates also makes a return as Willie’s mother, which would definitely make for interesting watch as we may finally get to know why Willie is a bad Santa.



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