A 16-Year-Old British Girl Earns $48,000 From Naming Chinese Babies

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A 16 year old British A-level student, Beau Jessup, has made $48,000 from a website she made to give Chinese babies English names.

According to Beau, she came up with idea on a family visit to China. They were out for a meal when she was asked to give an English name to a newborn baby. In China, it is important to have an English name for future study or business with the UK.

Chinese people name their children based on the elements and Beau wanted a similarity between how they pick their Chinese name and how they pick their English name.

Her website, ‘Special Name’ requires the user to pick 5 of the 12 personality traits which they most hope their baby will grow into. They also select the baby’s gender and pay the Chinese equivalent of 60p.




The names chosen are shared with family and friends on WeChat, China’s WhatsApp equivalent to help make a final decision.

Beau explains that the Chinese are fascinated by Western culture but their access to it is restricted by the Chinese Government. There isn’t open access to the internet so they can’t use standard baby naming websites.

She also added that’s it’s strange to know that she’s named over 200,000 babies. “It’s nice to be a part of such a happy experience and be a part of those young stages in a baby’s life.” The site’s success has been a pleasant surprise.”

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