Is Yung6ix Really Nigeria’s Most Successful Rapper?

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Yung 6ix got inspired to flex his bragging rights on Sunday, August, 14 where he staked a claim to the “Most Successful Rapper In Nigeria” title. 

We aren’t disputing or defending his braggadocio, rather we objectively look at his achievements and let you decide if he should keep the bragging rights or just pipe low till he’s worthy to flex his words.

It all began with a tweet:

Yung 6ix’s contribution to the rap industry can only be described as bijou, meaning elegant but small (correct us if we’re are wrong).

He has been influential, yes, that is in reference to popularity among the youths.

It is still unarguable that there are those who some would deem worthy of the title too, yet, these ones are humble enough to wait to be praised rather than glorify themselves.

Yet, we admire Yung’s zeal, after all there’s an adage which says “if no one hails me, I’ll praise myself.”

A wise man once said, “no merit is merit if the people around you don’t also share your belief in your merit.”

Yung has spent six years in the Nigerian industry since he stepped into limelight following his stake in Ice Prince’s song Oleku which went viral in 2010.

Nigeria's self-crowned King Of Rap
Nigeria’s self-crowned King Of Rap

In 2012, Yung 6ix was among the rappers featured on M.I’s Illegal Music 2 where M.I nicknamed him the ‘King of the South’. Maybe he’s expanding his territory.

6ix debuted his full-length studio album, 6ix O Clock, on 6 February 2014 after much floating of singles off the 16-tracker.

He would have made his awards two but Eva Alordiah beat him to the Most Promising Act at the 2012 Nigerian Entertainment Awards.

Unless he doesn’t know the importance of updating his Wiki profile, Yung has won only one award which is the Abuja Music and Meritorious Award, National Act of the Year 2013.

He is evaluated with his achievements as Nigeria’s most “successful rapper” since there is no records of any charitable work in his stead.

cynthia morgan
Yung 6ix

A look at is brief achievements in plaques

In 2012

  • Nigeria Entertainment Awards  – Most Promising Act Nominated
  • The Headies – Best Rap Single/Lyricist On The Roll – Oh My Gosh Nominated

In 2013

  • Nigeria Music Video Awards – Best Hip hop Video First Class Nominated 
  • Abuja Music and Meritorious Award – National Act of the Year Won

Lest some opine we are “politically” hating on Six’s shine, here is what Twittersphere have to “un-politically” say about his boast.

Hit the comment section with your thoughts.

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