‘I Will Act As A Prostitute If Given The Script’ – Born Again Actress, Eucharia Anunobi Says

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‘I Will Act As A Prostitute If Given The Script’ – Born Again Actress, Eucharia Anunobi Says

Nollywood veteran actress turn evangelist, Eucharia Anunobi, has opened up on her reconciliation with God and how it doesn’t prevent her from accepting certain scripts from movie producers in the country’s Industry.

The Imo State-born actress, who made this disclosure known in an exclusive interview with The Sun, also spoke about growing up in a wealthy family and the derisive challenges she faced from her colleagues as a born-again Christian.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

How do you combine acting and being born again?

Do you know when I started ministering? By the grace of God, I gave my life to God on March 17, 1997, at Holy Ghost Power Ministry Church, Adeniyi Jones, Lagos. The pastor of the church then was Pastor Emma Obasi who is still a father of faith to me. March 17, 2017 will make it 20 years I have been with God. While you are seeing me as a movie legend, all the years you have been seeing ‘act all the actable’. I am still acting because I have not left my talent. This is my own definition of being born again. Born again means you have realised and discovered that you were living a life of sin, but now, you want to live a life that would please God.

As a born again, how do your colleagues relate with you?

I remember years ago when I gave my life to God, my colleagues were laughing at me. ‘Your mates are busy doing aristo, your mates are busy seeing governors, your mates are busy going to the clubs in Victoria Island, Ikeja, and everywhere, you sey na church you wan go’. They used to say that ‘something is wrong with Eucharia’. ‘Can you imagine with all her degrees, and doctorate in waiting, na to go church?’ But today, by the grace of God, where I sit they can’t sit; where I go they can’t go. I sit with governors and presidents not for aristo, and not for someone to take me to a corner of a room to sleep with me. I am not among the superstars they would say, ‘that one get good shape, go corner her for hotel for me’ and they come and meet you only in the night. They don’t need to take me to any corner of the room through Personal Assistant. They call me to the lobby of the governor or president’s chapel to pray and declare the word of God Almighty. And when I am done, they shake my hands and say, ‘lay hands on me’.

What kept you going and how did you pull through?

The bible says, ‘show me your friend and I will tell you who you are’. My good friend, Peter Ononiwu knew me back then. He saw my tears as I was crying. He said ‘do you know that you are a very beautiful girl with a fine shape? ‘You can start modelling’. It was Peter that introduced me to modelling. That was how I started modelling. Modelling has gone down; it was at that time that modelling was on. There was no modelling show they did that I was not on the front burner. It was then I discovered that God gave me a good shape. It was then I discovered I had a unique face. You know, people call me ‘the ancient lady’, ‘Philippians lady’ or ‘Chinese lady’ because of my face and small eyes and because I have unique features. So, when any fashion designer saw me, he or she would pick me because of God’s glory upon my life, and because I started seeking God early. It was the denouncement of my father that, he’s not going to send me or any other girl to university or higher institution that made me seek God early. After that, I started modelling. But I was determined in myself that, if my father said a girl can be nothing, then I would prove him wrong. I said to myself ‘I am not a mistake of creation’. ‘There is a reason God made me a female’.

As an evangelist, do you still accept scripts like Ashawo (Prostitute)?

If they give me the one of Ashawo, I will do. But then, I’m not going to smoke, because I don’t smoke in real life, and I’m not going to drink. I can simulate, for instance, like in drinking, but then, I might not wear clothes that will reveal parts of my body. There is one I did with Mama Patience, we went to rob a bank; there’s a film we went to rob a bank. We were carrying AK-47; the gun is heavy o! The title of the movie is “Widow’s Gang”.



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