Video Review: Seyi Shay Releases Visuals To ‘Airbrush’ And It’s Beautiful

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Seyi Shay has been growing, learning and turning all her experiences to songs and videos with every new work surpassing the one before it.

Airbrush, her latest achievement is proof of just how far she has come and how far ahead she is in comparison to some of our Nigerian female singers. 

In Airbrush, Seyi Shay’s voice is beautiful and the production is captivating enough to keep you glued till the end.

She sounds graceful, loved, hurt, and passionate all rolled in one.

A snippet of the words to  Airbrush.

Take a perfect picture, I’ll be in it with you, smile into the lens cos the flash will make it look okay, okay.

No, you wouldn’t know the difference, staring at the image, says a million words but the truth ain’t even in the frame, no way.

You can hide it, fight it, try it, buy it but that ain’t you. We can twist it how we want it but we can’t fake the truth.

Soften the lines, beautiful time, we are living proof, that you can’t airbrush reality, no you can’t airbrush reality.

In the video, you’ll notice her use of various characters, like people who just pass through your life everyday, everyone smiling. Maybe some are sad, there are those who are happy; her song challenges the mind to inquire if it’s all just a facade, hence the Airbrush. 

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Yet, the characters that stick out are two couples. You see them and you think of love. If you have ever loved, Seyi’s video will resonate well with you and even if you haven’t, you can feel a yearning to have a love like the one portrayed in Airbrush.

Still you don’t want to get ahead of your emotions. To really understand the story Seyi Shay is telling, you need to listen to the words she’s saying.

On a snip she continues:

There is an image on the bed, I don’t recognize this cos behind the smoking mirrors, everything’s a big disguise. Oh why.

From afar we look so pretty isn’t it a pity, if people only knew what was wrong with me and you, they’d see we are blind, we have fooled the masses baby looking so happy baby it’s just a front.

The perfect couple making you yearn for the kind of love Seyi is singing about isn’t really a love you want as they are imperfect.

The man is ousted for cheating on his woman and she gets so unforgivably mad, she has to leave. That same night, he hung out with friends, tried to drink away his pain and came back to a lonely home.

There’s a kind of love you’d feel for someone, walking away would break you but make you strong in time. Yet, if you decided to forgive and make it work, trust will always be an issue.

Seyi paints a story of love had and love lost. Painted feelings and facades of public display of emotions, all in all, it’s a video you would watch over and over again.

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Airbrush’s production is on a level of its own.

The lighting, the effects, the scenery, Seyi’s costume, everything was in sync. Nothing was too much, or too low. It looked like a video Alicia Keys would have done.

Beautiful song, beautiful production, beautiful video, we can’t help but love Airbrush and neither can you, once you watch it.

Click to watch & sound off your thoughts on the video in the comments section and don’t forget to share. 

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