TECNO Camon C7: A Portable Camera Phone that Shoots Better in Low Light

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During my unboxing of the Tecno Camon C7, I did promise to publish the full review of this device. So here you have it, the most anticipated Camon C7 review you must read right now.

Will the device live up to the camera hardware? And would it be able to stand out as a champion it is own league?

Tecno Camon C7_ccc_360nobs

The unit I will be reviewing is the sandstone black, it has this rough texture and is really cool. I like the feel in my hands because it is light too. Let’s go into the review proper.


It’s available in four fashionable colours

The TECNO Camon C7 is available in four different beautiful colours which are champagne gold, Rose Gold, Elegant Blue and the Sandstone Black. So there is a colour that matches everyone’s style. TECNO Camon C7 is a fully accessorized device –all the necessary items are provided. Meanwhile, I am not expecting anything less since TECNO has a tradition of providing all accessories on their devices.

The Design concept

The device is slim with curvy back. It shares the same design language with the TECNO Camon C9. In fact, if you have seen the TECNO Camon C9 before, this can easily pass as the mini version. The curvy back design makes it easier to pick up from a flat surface and is solidly built and light in my hands. Just like the Camon C9, all the physical buttons are located at the right side.

Tecno Camon C7_IMG_3296_360nobs

The back camera is well designed to align with the back which is something I am excited about—unlike most phones that have their cameras sticking out above them-camera bump.

A Smart Pouch

When you put the pouch on the device, you will be presented with three screens; a calendar, battery percentage and music—this means you can access your music, check time and date and monitor your battery level without having to open your phone. Very functional pouch.

Tecno Camon C7_IMG_3244_360nobs

Light-Weight and Portable

I like the fact that the TECNO Camon C7 is very light. It may not be the lightest device out there but at 142g, it feels so comfortable in my hand and my pocket. It is a perfect size for those who think 5.5-inch is too big and 4.5-inch is too small—the perfect size indeed!

 Tecno Camon C7_IMG_3227_360nobs


Vivid and colourful display

The screen is HD with IPS display, so texts and images are crisp and very sharp. The sharpness and vividness of the display is visibly better compared to many phones with the same display. One can hardly notice it is not full HD.

Tecno Camon C7_IMG_3324_360nobs

Outdoor visibility is great at maximum brightness. I could read texts and operate the device easily outside on a sunny day without having to strain my eyes. But please do not text while walking along the road. 🙂


13MP Front and Back camera

The device is fitted with 13mega-pixel rear and front camera just like its bigger version, TECNO Camon C9. But we all know higher megapixel doesn’t really determine the quality of a picture but the lens being used as well as how the software on the phone is optimised. The TECNO Camon C7 uses a 5P graded optical lens and f/2.2 aperture diaphragm which enable more light to come into the lens for clearer and sharper picture production and the 13MP front facing camera has 83° wide angle selfie capability.

Tecno Camon C7_IMG_3238_360nobs

Since it is a camera–centric device, this is part many people are eager read, and how well the device performs compares to the acclaimed Camon C9. I have been able to take pictures with the device and they are pretty good—as good as those on the C9.

The camera also performs well in capturing detailed images. I am Impressed with the quality of the camera TECNO has been able to use on this mid-range device, it’s really awesome. I put the camera to test under abundant light and low light and here are some of the camera samples from the device.

Tecno Camon C7_IMG_20160810_011445_360nobs
Picture taken with HDR ON
Tecno Camon C7_IMG_20160101_231622_360nobs
Picture taken with HDR ON at 7:20PM
Picture taken under natural light without flash
Picture taken under natural light without flash
Low light picture at night without flash
Low light picture at night without flash
Closed up picture outdoor
Closed up picture outdoor
Picture taken with the front camera
Picture taken with the front camera

The Camera also comes with watermark (you can add Camon C7 logo and five others on your pictures) and beautify photo, which helps to enhance your photo viewing experience.


The TECNO Camon C7 also comes with eye scanner just like its bigger brother; Camon C9.The eye scanner can be used to encrypt the phone and other data on the phone, it therefore provides additional security on the device.

Setting up the eyeprint is quite easy and it takes few seconds, pretty fun and exciting stuff but the feature is still relatively new on mobile device and unstable. I will give it a score of 6/10. The unlock feature doesn’t work under low light, hence there is option to use the password to unlock the device.

It comes with dual SIMS and a memory card slot; 3G enable—no 4G LTE present

The TECNO Camon C7 is a fully dual SIMs compatible device and also an SD card slot to extend the inbuilt storage capacity up to 128GB is provided. Two SIM cards can be used at the same time which are both 3G-enabled. Do not expect to see 4G LTE capability here. If you want that, you’d have to get the TECNO Camon C9.

Tecno Camon C7_ttttt_360nobs


The device came running Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It works fine with no noticeable lag when switching from one app to another. It just multitasks pretty fine.

Tecno Camon C7_IMG_20160810_033237_360nobs

There are huge selection of themes including the latest ones from the ongoing Olympics in Brazil. They make the look of the icons so unique and I find myself changing from one to another.


TECNO Camon C7 comes with Mediatek 6753 quad-core processors clocked at 1.3 GHz and a Mali-T720 GPU. There is 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage which can be extended to 128GB through the MicroSD slot. The screen is 5.0-inch HD 720* 1280 –pixel IPS panel. The full specification was already covered in the unboxing review I did.

Major differences between the Camon C7 and Camon C9

TECNO Camon C9 TECNO Camon C7
5.5-inch screen 5.0-inch screen
Full HD IPS display HD IPS Display
3000mAh battery 2500mAh battery
Octa-core 1.3Ghz Mediatek processor Quad-core 1.3Ghz MediaTek Processor


TECNO Camon C7 is a camera-centric phone but does that make it a low performance? Definitively no. The 2GB of random access memory and the 64-bit quad-core processors ensure that all my apps run well without the bad experience of apps refreshing and crashing. Basically, it handles most of my apps very well and the inbuilt browser also does a good job, browsing with Camon C7 is very fast. So if you need a very good camera phone with decent performance, the TECNO Camon C7 won’t disappoint you.

Battery – 2500 mAh

It comes with 2500mAh removable and it lasts like a normal 2500mAh battery, I don’t get to charge it every time but if you are the heavy user type, you will need to charge it every day. The device also comes with battery saving feature that help you to preserve the battery power in case you are running low on power, during this time you can still be making and receiving calls with the device.

Tecno Camon C7_battery_360nobs


The TECNO Camon C7 device has a very good camera just like the Camon C9. It does not in any way disappoint being called a Camon C9 mini. Battery is decent and the display is sharp and colourful. Overall it is a good device and will suit most peoples need just fine. The price is between N39,000-N42,000.

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  1. Nice post.

    One of the differences I’ve notice between the c7 and the C9 is that the battery is removable and also it is 2500mah

    1. Not just that. C7 actually seems more sensitive to environment and temperature. Something I haven’t observed in C9.

      Besides, they should sell the device for 39k.
      If not because of this our change regime, it would be cheaper

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