TECNO CAMON C7 Adds Brilliant Curves to the Mix

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Each passing moment is unique and will certainly never repeat itself in the exact way again, no wonder the famous author Aiki Flinthart once said, “four things come not back: the spoken word, the sped arrow, the past life and the neglected opportunity”. Every moment is special and as such should be captured just the way they are.

The CAMON C7 raises the bar on excellent picture quality.

TECNO is set to release TECNO CAMON C7, a variant of the CAMON C9 but a lot more advancement in specs and material design.

The mid-range camera phone keeps faith with the series’ famous 13MP front and rear cameras positioned on the phone’s midpoint to eliminate the slightest image distortion while shooting pictures. 

83° wide angle shoot, 120° panoramic selfie preset

TECNO CAMON C7 shoots astonishing low light images all thanks to its dual LED natural flashlights and like the CAMON C9, the C7 takes 83-degree wide-angle selfie including 120-degree panoramic Selfie mode preset.

“TECNO CAMON C7 retains all the top-end camera upgrades of the CAMON C9 but with an extra sleek touch in material design,” says Mr. Attai Oguche, TECNO PR and Marketing lead.

The CAMON C7 comes in four beautiful color variants – elegant Blue, sandstone black, champagne gold and Rose-gold, each variant spotting MediaTek 1.3Ghz Quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, latest Android marshmallow 6.0 OS and 2500mAh sealed-in lithium battery.

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“What informed the slimmer and chamfered finish of TECNO CAMON C7 variant is a strong consumer affinity for rounded edge design in smart phones and we think our consumers should get their preferred design in our bestseller flagship,” says Chidi Okonkwo, TECNO MD

TECNO CAMON C7 comes with phone finder, T-Band

“Remotely activate your CAMONC7 camera, find your phone, make hands-free calls set personal reminders and plan your daily running routine all with the help of T-band add-on that comes with TECNO CAMON C7,” reiterated TECNO marketing Lead Attai Oguche.


Here are some images;

Tecno Camon C7_1 Tecno Camon C7_2 Tecno Camon C7_3

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