Simone Biles Puts NBC Commentator In Check After Rude Adoption Remarks

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Simone Biles put NBC gymnastic commentator, Al Trautwig, in his place after he refused to address her parents as her “parents” reason being she’s adopted.

Ron Biles, Simone’s maternal grandfather and his wife Nellie adopted Simone and her sister out of foster care and have catered for them both for the past fifteen years.

While the Olympic medalist calls them her parents, Trautwig called them her “grandparents” and adamantly refused to refer to them as her parents after saying on air that Biles “was raised by her grandfather and his wife and she calls them mom and dad.”

Trautwig was later called-out for being an ass and he responded by tweeting that Bile’s grandparents “are not her PARENTS”. He has since deleted his offensive tweets.

When reached for comment, Simon Biles simply replied, “I personally don’t have a comment. My parents are my parents and that’s it.”

Biles could really care less as on Tuesday, August 9, she and the rest of the U.S. women’s gymnastics team made history by taking home the gold at the team all-around finals.

Focused people don’t meddle in pettiness. 

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