#WifeNotCook: Sean Tizzle Picks His Side In The Wife-Not-Cook Debate

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sean tizzle

While several men are debating on “my wife must cook” versus “I don’t mind if she doesn’t cook”, Sean Tizzle has chosen his own side in the drama.

In a powwow with Punch, he disclosed his love to live his life to the best maximum which has given him a desired love for food.

Due to this need to quench his sometimes insatiable appetite, the young man in question decided to learn how to cook and right now he is extremely good at it.

As a matter of fact, he is so good at making a meal he has no business with “wife must cook” because no female can threaten, or in the Nigerian slang, “do shakara” for him because of food.

He said, “I can take care of myself in that area.”

Sean Tizzle added that he’s also a general homebody as he loves to clean.

Wish there were more men like Tizzle.

In his words: “I am somebody who tries to live my life the best way I can, and I’m a good cook as well, so no girl can threaten me with that because I can take care of myself in that area. I also like to clean. But I don’t have a favorite food; maybe that’s why I like food.”

sean tizzle
Sean Tizzle doesn’t care if his wife cat cook

Meanwhile, why do men love women who can take care of themselves and doesn’t need them for anything, besides sex and maybe emotional connection but when it’s the men’s turn they have so many demands, “sex, chores, go to market, cook food, rub my back, iron my shirt, lay my bed, etc?”

One reason every man should know how to cook and do chores is to avoid dependency on a woman for a meal or getting things done. They say dependent people are annoying.

The saying of the way to a man’s heart – and pocket, is his belly, is ingrained in women’s mind, they know this and that’s why they barter with it. I cook for you, you make me happy – financially or sexually.

Wife not cook versus wife must cook is not and should never be an issue between partners who love and accept each other. Cooking or not cooking should never be a problem if you’re with someone you deeply care about.

If he’s fighting you just for not coking, check it, deep down there’s something wrong with your relationship.

Sean Tizzle can cook and clean, be like Sean Tizzle.

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  1. It’s all fun and games until you marry one who can’t cook. My Dad is an extremely good cook. The worst thing you can set before my Dad is a bad dish. That also doesn’t mean that after he is done from work and just wants to come home to a good meal and on getting home finds that food isn’t ready or my stepmother has an attitude, that he’ll enter the kitchen just to show her He can cook. By the way, why always the man, what about the children? Will they live on fast food? As a matter of fact why should this even be a debate? Every woman should know how to cook period. I have an extremely beautiful aunty, so beautiful her husband set eyes on her and within three months married her. Now beauty wasn’t just enough because after the honeymoon stage, the man would come home and they’ll be no food or a horribly prepared dish and the man tired of having to eat out decided enough was enough and started cheating. Long story short, he married the side chick. Every woman should know how to cook because while another man would be patient enough to either teach his woman how to cook or enroll her in a catering school, another may not.

    1. Trust me, it wasn’t the cooking that turned him to a cheat. It was the fact he got sidelined with only beauty which says a lot about the kind of man your uncle is. She probably didn’t like him enough as every woman loves to feed the man she cares about. Wife not cook, period.

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