Ryan Lochte Apologizes For Lying About Robbery Incident

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Ryan Lochte Apologizes For Lying About Robbery Incident

Ryan Lochte Apologizes For Lying About Robbery Incident – US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has apologized for over-exaggerating a robbery incident in Rio, Brazil.


Lochte had vandalized a gas station, then along with three other US Olympic swimmers, had claimed they were robbed at gunpoint.

“That’s why I’m taking full responsibility for it, is because I overexaggerated that story and if I had never done that, we wouldn’t be in this mess,” Lochte said in an interview on Sunday.

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Lochte had claimed they were robbed by armed robbers pretending to be police, but police had denied the story, saying they were actually detained by real police and it was for vandalizing a gas station bathroom.

“I left details out… I left certain things out, and I overexaggerated some parts of the story,” he said in the interview.

Lochte is currently back in the US, but the other 3 swimmers – Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger and Jimmy Feigen – are still in Brazil after their passports were confiscated by a judge, and Lochte said he felt like he let down.

“I wanted to be there, like, I don’t want them to think that I left, and left them dry because they were my teammates. I just wanted to make sure that they were at home safe before I came out and talked,” he added.



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