R Kelly Slighted For Dating A Teenager, Again? ?

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R Kelly’s new relationship has been met with disdain especially as she’s 19 to his 49.

Since his affair with Halle Calhoun became public knowledge, it has unearthed several cans of worms from the past, like his historical companionship with underage girls; eg his illegal marriage to Aaliyah and his child pornography allegations.

In 1994, Kelly secretly got married to Aaliyah when she was just 15 although it was later annulled. He asserted they both loved each other. Okay.

In 2002,  a video of a man who looked like R Kelly having sex and urinating on an underage 13-year-old girl surfaced. He was never charged with sexual assault and his child pornography charges got dropped.

Despite this, child porn is an offense that always sticks even if you end up being proven innocent.

The claims forever damaged Kelly’s image which has caused his new relationship to be met with scorn.

r kelly
R Kelly and Halle Calhoun

Several people weren’t too pleased as they ripped the singer:

  • King Anthony (@trillac_) August 8, 2016 – R Kelly is a sick man. I don’t care he gave us the Ignition Remix.
  •  Flex Luthor (@neckofdwoods) August 8, 2016 – Never forget. R. Kelly illegally married Aaliyah when she was 15 and he executively produced her hit song “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number”.
  • NUFF$AID (@nuffsaidNY) August 8, 2016 – Yeah…so…R. Kelly might want folks to get over his past, but it looks like some people will never let him forget it.
  • caribbean.getaways – I just want to say that I am a fan of R Kelly’s music. I think he is a musical genius, but we gotta be real as a people if we really have love for him. Our brother needs help. R Kelly is a pedophile. Just being ?. His history has shown all of us this but we overlook it because of his musical gift and that doesn’t help him or any of the young girls whose lives he has helped to alter. This young lady is of legal age so it’s not criminal, but just barely. With all his history with young girls people are still here defending him because of who he is knowing dam well if this was your 19 year old family member and just some 50 year old random dude from up the street this would not be beautiful or praise worthy. We need to get our brother the help he needs. This girl is legal but it ain’t no telling how old the next one we don’t hear about will be.

In R Kelly’s defense though, some don’t think she looks 19, they assert she is older. What do you think?

Hanging with the dopest in the game! #KingofR&B #kells ?

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Cheese ? getting to know Robert was probably the realist thing ever! #crazy

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Ring lights are life ? #glowing

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