#ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 37: Surprise! Surprise!

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Academy day 37 in the #ProjectFame9.0 competition was one of rigorous voice training session supervised by the voice coach, Ms. Ige and learning about the theoretical side of stage performance which was handled by Ms. Lovette.

Ms. Ige gave the contestants a ‘mini’ trumpet to blow, which they all had fun doing. She told them the essence of the exercise was to engage their diaphragm, which was important in delivering impeccable performances.

She thereafter, told the contestants to read out their lyrics while ensuring that as they do so, they appear believable. Dapo went in first, reading out the lyrics of the song he’d be performing over the weekend, Liberian Girl by Michael Jackson.

Mirabel had the opportunity of reading out her lyrics and also singing her song for the weekend, Where Do Broken Hearts Go by Whitney Houston. Eli also read out Lucky Dube’s Different Colours. Oluchi also took her turn reading and singing out Kefee’s Kokoroko, while Okiemute read Amy Winehouse’s Rehab.

After a rigorous voice training session, Ms. Ige was about making her way out of the Academy when the contestants pleaded with her to wait a few minutes longer as they had a surprise for her which they knew she was going to love.

The contestants went on to deliver a flawless acapella of a gospel song which truly had Ms. Ige surprised. She told the contestants how beautiful their singing and performance was , saying their ad-libs could be cleaner. She also told them they would work on making the rough edges smooth and present it to her the following day.

After Ms. Ige left the class, it was time for the dance and fitness coach, Ms. Lovette. She chose to engage the contestants on the theoretical aspect of delivering impeccable stage performance. She also taught the contestants how to make good use of enhancements such as stage props and dancers.


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