#ProjectFame9.0 Academy Day 31: Kitay Apologises

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Academy Day 30 in the #ProjectFame9.0 house had revealed to viewers how Kitay acted rudely to the Faculty Dance instructor, Ms. Lovette.

The 31st day in the Academy was one of apology and forgiveness as no real long standing relationship is void of offences, and of course, forgiveness.

The activities of the day kicked off with Mummy J’s class. She instructed the contestants to talk about different topics that are of interests to them and people will ask them questions relating to the questions. She also asked the contestants to talk about the values they hold dear.

Before the activities began, she reminded the contestants especially Kitay of the words she told them during her class in academy Day 22: “Speak your truth distinctly and discretely.” Mummy J told him that he could have called Ms. Lovette aside and told her that he was feeling dizzy and needed to be excused from her class.

The day’s activities commenced with Mirabel speaking about identity while Okiemute and Steve spoke on mental child abuse coming from parents and siblings. Mummy J however spoke on behalf of parents. She explained that parents most of the time want to keep away fights and negative things from their children but the pressures of life sometimes make them forget the responsibilities of taking care of their wards.

The second class of the day saw the contestants rehearsing their songs with Ms. Ige. The faculty instructor concentrated on teaching the contestants how to perfect and synergize their song lyrics and body language.

The last class of the day was that of Ms. Lovette, who concentrated on teaching the contestants the dance steps that will be suitable for their respective songs. Kitay missed all the action in Ms. Lovette’s class. He however briskly walked up to her after her class and admitted his wrongs.

Ms. Lovette excitedly hugged him after he apologized, signifying their reconciliation.

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